Welcome to the Dead Man’s Island!

Port Royal, The Caribbean, year 1693

As you were waiting for your next adventure, you were passing time in shady Shoemaker’s Tavern. You overheard some pirates around table next to you telling a story of Dead Man’s Island. Story tells that there is a fountain that gives eternal youth to whoever finds it. But those who have returned from the island are very few. An old pirate living in the town, Seagull-Jonathan is one of those lucky ones. You find Jonathan and after a few grogs of rum he tells you his story. Without any hesitation you decide to set the sails and head to the island to solve its mysteries and find that fountain.

This amazing room escape adventure situated in the world of pirates and great ships is now open in Exit Oulu Uusikatu! Can you solve the secret of the rumoured fountain of youth and escape the island?

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