The Wizard’s Legacy open for bookings

New Exit Oulu escape room, The Wizard’s Legacy now available

Long time ago a great wizard, Smultron lived on the edge of the Forbidden Forest. His magic wand used to bring incredibly great magic power to one who holds it. To keep it out of reach of those who would misuse the power of the wand, Smultron hid the wand in his house and protected it with strong magic. In his last will Smultron hinted about clues hidden in the Forbidden Forest. The clues will help those who are seeking the wand.


Latest escape room in Exit Oulu, The Wizard’s Legacy, is set in magical world of wizards. Now, things have gone worse. The magic wand of a mighty wizard is in danger to get possessed by dark forces. Ministry of Magical Matters asked you to save the wand. A dark and evil young wizard is also looking for the wand, so you have only 60 minutes to find Smultrons hut, break magical protection aeound it and bring the wand to safety.


But the task is not easy! Mighty magic of Smultron is protecting the wand. Seekers of the wand must use co-operation and their wit. You don’t have to have knowledge in magic or know any spells, but those will certainly help you!

The Wizard’s Legacy can be played at Uusikatu 22. Make your reservation here or give us a call 050 465 5181. Welcome!