The First Room Escape World Championship

The first Room Escape World Championship will be held on 25th of March in Budapest, Hungary.

Escape game world championship will be held in Budapest in the upcoming week by Red Bull Mind Gamers. From the qualification rounds 22 national teams and 2 teams by wild cards (US) made it to the finals. Over 9000 players took part in the qualifications. The game played in the WC is called “Enoch” and these tory is based to a movie called “Mind Gamers”. To make the game challenging enough, the game logic is based on quantum logic. Finals are on Saturday 25th at nine in the evening Finnish time and it is broadcasted live over the internet. You can watch live feed here:


Do you know why the world championship contest is organised in Budapest, rather than in New York or London? In Hungary the escape games have been already available for multiple years. There are many theories about the origin of the games, but you can say that the first escape games were built in Hungary in 2011. Six years later room escape-mania has viped over the Europe and the rest of the world as you can find these games in very isolated locations like Oulu, Finland.

The Exit Oulu crew has visited room escape games in Budapest quite often to explore new ideas for the escape games in Oulu. Because just in Budapest there are over 300 escape games, here are our recommendations if you are traveling to Budapest in near future.

PaniQ Szoba  http://paniqszoba.hu/

The games have a very movie like theme that really sets the mood right. The decoration and themes are well planned and to solve the game you need much more than just figure out numbers and open locks. Difficulty level is challenging and for some games even very difficult, like SAW and Sherlock.

Parapark http://paraparkbudapest.hu/

Commonly know as the first escape game in Budapest. The games are located in a catacomb style basement, which makes the atmosphere real nice for escape room game. The games are also very nicely planned and built. The best part of course is, that you can have a beer before or after the game for less than one euro.

Claustrophilia http://claustrophilia.hu/en/

This place has not only different style and technic for the locations and games, but also a very mysterious or lets say spooky atmosphere. You will see…