Room Escape with Strangers!

Exit is arranging the next Room Escape with Strangers games on 9.10.2019. These “blind games” mean that you don’t know people you are playing with. The team will be put together according to individual sign ups. Kinda cool way to meet new people with same mindset, don’t you think? This time the games are going to be The Cursed Temple, The Wizard’s Legacy, The Trap and The Bomb.

This is how it works:

1. Sign up from below for the game you want to play.

2. Show up around 10 minutes prior to your booking.

3. Escape with your new mates within 60 minutes.

Pretty easy?

The Games in 9.10.2019:

(Click the name to sign up)

17.30 The Cursed Temple

17.30 The Wizard’s Legacy

19.00 The Trap

19.00 The Bomb

Price is only 15€ per person!

Please note that games are arranged only if there are 3-6 bookings per game. The confirmation/cancellation is sent to your email.