Exit Goes Tornio

Exit Oulu expanded to Tornio!

Solve & Exit which operated in Experience Factory Lappari was taken over by Exit Oulu colors. New venue is known as Exit Tornio. Premises were slightly modified ja general appearance was changed to adapt Exit’s concept. Website was renewed as well. It is at exitttornio.fi.

In addition a new game was built. The Forbidden Forest is a sequel to Exit Oulu’s game The Wizard’s Legacy. Now players take roles of wizard students in Triwizard challenge. They have to solve tasks of the Forbidden Forest. Games inherited from Solve & Exit, Hannibal and The Bank Job have at this point only a slight face lift, so we don’t recommend them for those who have already played them.

Now it is a great time for a little road trip for everyone not living in Tornio. Lappari is packed full of other activities too, for example The Dudesons Activity Park and Megazone. Across the border, in Haaparanta one can go fruniture shopping or maybe give a visit to one of the largest candy stores in the world.

Exit Tornio Room Escape Games at inner court of Experience Factory Lappari, Vesaisenkatu 1, 95400 Tornio.