Easier version of The Dead Man’s Island

There is an old pirate legend about a mystical island. There is a fountain that provides its founder with eternal youth. Can you find the island and solve its mysteries?


Pirate adventure Dead Man’s Island has become one of the favourite escape rooms in Exit Oulu. And for a reason, the game is diverse, exciting and challenging. Because its difficulty level is 4/5 it sometimes can be a bit too challenging for example for kids. That’s why we decided to bring another, easier version of the game alongside the original. Now everyone can explore the story of an old pirate at Caribbean sea.

Gameplay is the same in both versions, but some tasks are easier and some hints are simplified in the easier  one. Difficulty level of the easier version is 2/5, so it’s now more suitable for players of all ages and levels.

The easier version is now default, so if you want to play the original one, please let us know when booking a game.

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Pirate themed birthday parties

Along the new, easier version of the Dead Man’s Island we renewed theme of kids birthday parties as well. Party room is decorated with pirate theme so festive mood for all little buccaneers is guaranteed!