Building Up Team Spirit with Mobile Room Escape Games

Destia Oy organized a project start up day in the beginning of June. Participants were not only from Destia but also employees from its project partners. Exit Oulu delivered two mobile room escape games to Veteran house of Raahe. Participants of the day all work in a same construction site and the teams were composed in team building spirit so that they all consisted a mix of professionals from different companies and professions. Participants were happy about the fact how this kind of problem solving in mobile escape rooms made everyone – mostly previously unknown to each other – get to know their project partners in a brand new way. Whole participant group in the party totalled in couple of dozen persons.

“Excellent way to build up team spirit! Project group had to work for a common goal while solving the mysteries in mobile escape rooms brought to the site. In the beginning of the event atmosphere was maybe a little stiff, but everyone relaxed as the escape games proceeded ja truly warm hearted conversation was generated automatically. Forget childish round games and order escape games from Exit Oulu to your corporate events!” said Heikki Rauatmaa, the organizer of the event from Destia Oy.

Exit Oulu delivered and set up the mobile escape rooms to the site and everything was set for games. In three hours the participants of the party played full four rounds of room escape games.