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Exit Oulu Escape Room

The most popular escape rooms in Oulu – Exit Oulu Escape room since 2015

Ever since the first Escape room in Oulu, we decided that customer satisfaction is the most important thing for us. For this reason our escape rooms in Oulu have been carefully built with every customer in mind. We use a lot of time and technology in the design and execution of our games to guarantee a great end result. No useless locks and boring riddles, our escape experiences have all been meticulously  thought out and designed. The smiles on our customers’ faces are the greatest reward!

You can reach our customer service every day from 10am to 9pm at +358 50 465 5181

Exit Oulu escape rooms are open based on bookings. You can book your experience on the website up to 24h before the start time. Same day bookings can be made by phone.

Who are the Exit Oulu Escape rooms suitable for?

Our escape rooms are designed from scratch to be suitable for all players. We design our stories and puzzles, rooms and spaces down to the last detail. We invent, test, execute our ideas – and test again. We edit our games based on real experiences: we’re only happy when our players are happy!

How difficult are the escape rooms?

We offer a selection of games in different levels of difficulty, so that everyone can find a suitable game: no matter if you’re a beginner or an Escape Expert! Our games include a variety of puzzles and challenges, with a touch of the latest technology to make the atmosphere in the games feel as real and captivating as possible. Most of our games are suitable for families and children, too! Get to know our games.

What is an Escape Room?

Escape rooms have been a popular activity in Finland for several years now. The players form a team of 2 to 6 people and they get locked in a room. In the room they will face puzzles and challenges, and by solving these withing 60 minutes they make their way out of the room to win the game! They have to carefully examine the game environment in order to find all the necessary clues to advance. Everything needed to solve the puzzles can be found within the room, so no outside knowledge or special skills are required. The team members have to work together in order to achieve their goal!

With thirteen exciting room escape games, catering and bar facilitites, Exit Oulu room escape venues offer memorable experiences for small and big groups alike! Up to 30 people can play in the same venue simultaneously.

Our meeting and event venue is suited for any occasion, from birthdays and class trips to work recreation days and pre-Christmas parties.

We are also happy to provide you with a catering service!

The Bomb

Her majesty's secret service intercepted a coded message. The message revealed a double agent deep within the British intelligence. Unfortunately prior to capture, he managed to place a bomb in his office in the MI6 headquarter. If the bomb explodes, it will ignite a massive conflict threatening the whole world. Your group of special agents have 60 minutes to locate and defuse the bomb.

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