Why escape room games?

Exit escape games is the biggest real-life room escape game in Oulu. The players are locked in a room, from which they have to escape by solving riddles, puzzles and challenges. They have 60 minutes. Escaping requires team work, clever minds and logic skills.

Escape games are for everyone who’s 12 years old or older. The recommended team-size is 4-6 players. The game can also be played by a smaller group, but it is a bit more challenging. Games are played best with friends or family, or as a team building event for workmates. Since it motivates players to engage in strong teamwork to reach a common goal in a unique and uniting way, it is a great activity for improving team building and group dynamics.

Exit Oulu escape games were opened in august 2015 at downtown Oulu. Prison Break, Murder in the Mansion and Professors puzzle have troubled thousands of players and they can be called classics. New location with three new games opened in December 2016. The Bomb, The Trap and The Cursed temple have taken escape games to the next level and are the most popular games in Oulu.

Contact us: info@exitoulu.fi and 0504655181