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Activities for bachelorX parties in Oulu

Exit Oulu BachelorX Party

Looking for ideas for bachelorX party in Oulu? Room escape games are an ideal activity for big or small parties. We can also tune the game experience according to your wishes. Maybe hide a present in the room or bring the bride or groom blindfolded into a prison? Let us know your ideas!

We are licensed to serve alcohol in all our games.


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Mallaskellari Beer Tasting

After a game you can stay and go through the game in our licensed venues. Rotuaari venue is in premises shared with the classiest craft beer pub in Oulu, Mallaskellari.

You can book a beer tasting guided by a beer professional, taking you into the world of finest craft beers. There is also a private cabinet you can book for your party’s exclusive use for the night. Tasty catering services are available as well, so you don’t have to be hungry either. 


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