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Let’s play a game… you have 60 minutes, can you escape?


Exit escape games is the biggest real-life room escape game in Oulu. The players are locked in a room, from which they have to escape by solving riddles, puzzles and challenges. They have 60 minutes. Escaping requires team work, clever minds and logic skills.

Who/For whom?

Escape games are for everyone who’s 12 years old or older. The recommended team-size is 4-6 players. The game can also be played by a smaller group, but it is a bit more challenging. Games are played best with friends or family, or as a team building event for workmates. Since it motivates players to engage in strong teamwork to reach a common goal in a unique and uniting way, it is a great activity for improving team building and group dynamics.


Exit Oulu escape games were opened in august 2015 at downtown Oulu. Prison Break, Murder in the Mansion and Professors puzzle have troubled thousands of players and they can be called classics. New location with three new games opened in December 2016. The Bomb, The Trap and The Cursed temple have taken escape games to the next level and are the most popular games in Oulu. 

The Games

The difficulty level of each game is declared below the descriptions. The more keys, the more challenge !

Difficulty level 3/5 :

Kajaaninkatu 22

Prison Break

Welcome to infamous Riker’s Island prison in Bronx, New york. Only a few have managed to escape this place. Now its your turn to try…

Murder in the Mansion

Who murdered lady Lou Lou? 
It is year 1933 in the town of Chesterfield, England.  Prosperous lady Lou Lou is found murdered in his home.  Your task is to solve this Agatha Christie -style mysterious murder.

Professor’s Riddle

Eccentric professor Ykskivi has built yet another invention. Now it is very important to get it working immediately. Unfortunately he has forgotten how it is done! Can you help poor professor?

Professor’s puzzle is only revised, not a completely new escape room. So if you have played the earlier version recently, we don’t recommend this game to you as the game experience might suffer.


Uusikatu 22

The Trap

I want to a play game – You have been chosen, because you did not appreciate your secure life enough. If you will survive this, you will be grateful for everyday…


The Bomb

In the year 1977 Her majestics secret service captured a coded message from sovien union, that  revealed a double agent deep within the british intelligence. Unfortunately prior to capture, he managed to place a bomb in the intelligence headquarter. If the bomb explodes, it might turn the cold war between east and west in to a real and savage world war.

The Cursed Temple

Thousands of years ago, deep in the amazon rainforest lived an infernal beast, B’ak’tun. Ancient gods destroyed the beast and hide his source of power, the crystal skull, in a hidden temple. Your team of archeologists have traced the temple, but beware, the one who tries to steal the crystal skull, will never leave the temple.

The Wizard’s Legacy

The magic wand of the great wizard Smultron may give huge power to its holder. He has hidden the wand into a cottage on the edge of the forbidden forest, surrounded by strong magic to prevent the wand from getting into the hands of evil forces. Find the cottage, break the protecting magic and bring the wand to a safe place in time. 








 A new meeting point and banquet facility

The new facility is located in the center of Oulu, next to Otto Karhi Park. This can be a perfect place for different kind of events such as and atmospheric meeting or a pre-christmas party. The capacity of the place is up to total of 60 people, combined with the lounge room. The space is filled up with dining tables and chairs, which can be organized as you wish.  The equipment includes a computer, projector, screen, sound system and microphones (2).

Lobby Coffee Shop, you can buy coffee and refreshments. Through partners we can offer you delicious catering or buffet dinners. For more information ask for an offer

Exit Oulu games

Exit Oulu brings mobile escape rooms available!

Exit Oulu’s selection of escape rooms is expanding, to where our customers are.

Summer parties, birthday parties, company events, graduation celebrations, weddings, festivals.. Here are just a few example where you can order a mobile escape game.

Mobile escape room is very similar as its stationary big brothers: A real life room escape, that tests out logic skills, team work and cleverness of the players in a special themed escape room. We bring the game to your premises, only thing needed is a free space that is 4×4 meters by size and we set up the game. Mobile escape room can be set up indoors as well as outdoors in summer. Time limit for gameplay can be adjusted, so you can be sure that in larger groups everyone has time to participate.

Customized escape games

Mobile games can also be customized according to customers needs and ideas. The games can be modified to correspond to target audience, for example children or different professions according to their knowledge and professional skills. For example, how about fighting crime for police, a hospital themed game for doctors or a plant construction site for construction engineers? Maybe a game based on lives of bride and groom as a part of wedding party? Thepossibilities are virtually unlimited! A customized game will be fun and interesting addition to what ever your event is, guaranteed. Don’t hesitate to ask more about escape games customized for your event:

Mobiilipelejä voidaan myös muokata asiakkaan toiveiden mukaan tietyn teeman mukaisesti. Pelit voidaan suunnitella sopivaksi kohderyhmää ajatellen, esimerkiksi lapsille tai tietylle ammattiryhmälle suunnatuiksi osaamisen ja oman alan mukaan. Miten olisi vaikkapa rikosten ratkontaa poliiseille, sairaalateema lääkäreille tai voimalatyömaa insinööreille? Tai häihin juhlaparin elämään liittyvä teema? Mahdollisuudet ovat käytännössä rajattomat! Pelistä tulee takuvarmasti hauska ja kiinnostava osa tapahtumaanne. Kysy rohkeasti lisää omaan tapahtumaasi kustomoidusta pakopelistä:

Ready themes

The Labyrinth

Cairo is in danger! An ancient treasure is stole from a labyrinth in harsh deserts of Egypt. The legend is that gods hid a curse in the labyrinth and sealed it with the treasure. Without its seal the curse is released and will wipe out entire Cairo from the face of Earth! Your team of adventurers has been alerted for a dangerous mission to find and return the stolen treasure before it’s too late and the curse will be reality…

Game of Games

Peter loves games and challenges. He usually bets on different sports and loves to make bets on many things with his friends. One morning, when Peter came to work he cockily announced that he could beat whatever challenge he faces. His colleagues, fed up on Peter neverending bragging decided to give him a lesson and came up with a clever plan with a set of exercises that he has to complete within a given time otherwise he will lose a month salary.

Help poor Peter to win the bet before the time is up!

Ask for a quote on mobile escape games!


Our games are located on three spots, but only very short walking distance apart.

Uusikatu 22 – Google Maps

In the new 350 m² basement can be found the Trap, the Bomb, Wizard’s Legacy and the Cursed Temple. The entrance is located next to K-Market. At the lobby cafe you can buy coffee and refreshments.

Kajaaninkatu 22 – Google Maps

The three games at Kajaaninkatu are the  Prison Break, Murder in the Mansion and the Professor’s Riddle. The place is located on the ground floor at the corner of Kajaaninkatu and Uusikatu. There is no cafeteria in this facility.

Kirkkokatu 17 – Google Maps

Next to the huge stone ball at Rotuaari we host three games: Larry B., Blank and Unilelun painajainen. (Please note that Unilelun painajainen has elements that require Finnish language skills.) Entrance is shared with Burger King and the game is downstairs adjacent to Cocktail Company bar. Bar serves you pre- and after game drinks during it’s opening times.



Peleihimme sopii yhtä aikaa 50 henkilöä  ja porrastetusti vielä isompikin ryhmä.  Kysy rohkeasti ja kerro teitä kiinnostava aika sähköpostitse tai soita! Yhden pelin varaukset onnistuvat myös varausjärjestelmästä.


2 pelaajaa: 37,50€ /hlö (75€ /peli)

 3 pelaajaa: 25€ /hlö (75€ /peli)

4 pelaajaa: 25€ /hlö (100€ /peli)

5 pelaajaa: 20€ /hlö (100€ /peli)

6 pelaajaa: 20€ /hlö (120€ /peli)

Lisäpelaajat 20€ /hlö.

Opiskelijakortilla alennus 5€/henkilö
Alle 12-vuotiaille alennus 5€/henkilö
Alle 6-vuotiaat pelaavat ilmaiseksi vanhempien seurassa.

Voit maksaa yleisimmillä maksukorteilla sekä käteisellä. Meillä käyvät myös Smartumin kulttuurisetelit ja kortti, Edenredin Virikesetelit ja kortti, Tyky-kuntoseteli+, ePassi sekä Eazybreak.

Yrityksille on laskutusvaihtoehto. Laskutustiedot (yrityksen nimi, y-tunnus, laskutusosoite sekä viite) on lähetettävä meille etukäteen sähköpostitse Myös sähköinen laskutus onnistuu. Laskutuslisä on 5 euroa.


Klikkaa itsesi lahjakorttikauppaamme ja valitse sopiva vaihtoehto. Voit hakea lahjakortin myös meiltä paikan päältä. Lahjakorttien voimassaoloaika on 6 kk. Ota yhteyttä tai soita 0504655181.

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